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 •     Lectures given by Titus Burckhardt between 1972 and 1978 collected by Jean-Louis Michon and Édith Burckhardt under the title Fès et l'urbanisme musulman have been added to Articles Online.
 •     More than 3,000 photographs, covering 102 monuments in Cairo, have been added to the Photo Archive.

The book Mosquée du Sultan Hasan au Caire is now online. The monograph was written by Max Herz Pasha, the defacto head of the Comité de Conservation des Monuments de l’Art Arabe on the Mosque of Sultan Hasan in 1899.


An excellent collection of articles on Islamic history, art and architecture is now available online. This is a work in a progress, as additional articles will be posted over time.


Future additions to the Islamic Art Network website



In the near future the Network will be adding to its website 7000 photographs taken of 85 monuments in Cairo.


A navigable version of the map of Cairo published by the Survey of Egypt in 1948 will be soon online.


Islamic Art Network News




The director of the Islamic Art Network participated in the conference The City and its Parts: Articulations of Ceremonial and Social Space in Islamic Urban Contexts that took place in the Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at the University of Cambridge on July 3rd and 4th, 2004. The paper presented is entitled Al-Azhar University Mosque: Its Influence on the Urban Environs of Bahri Mamluk Cairo.


Islamic Art Network recent developments



On December 22nd, 2003 the Islamic Art Network celebrated the opening of its joint exhibition with the American University in Cairo Creswell’s Cairo: Then and Now. The opening was attended by His Excellency Shaykh Dr. Ali Jum‘a, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Prof. Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, His Excellency Sir Derek Plumbly, the British Ambassador to Egypt and Prof. David Arnold, the President of the American University in Cairo. Go to Virtual Exhibition.

 •    A press conference preceded the opening of the exhibition Creswell’s Cairo: Then and Now.
   • Press Release
   • Articles
  Ahram Weekly, 22nd July, 2004 (HTML)
  Ahram Weekly, 29th July, 2004 (HTML)
  Ahram Weekly, 18th of December 2003 ( JPEG / HTML )
  Nisf al-Dunya, 28th of December 2003
  Cairo Times, 1-7 January 2004
  Akhir Sa'a, 7th of January 2004
   • Pictures of opening and Press Conference


Cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities:


The following lectures were organised by the Islamic Art Network and hosted by the Supreme Council of Antiquities as part of its “Islamic Culture Series”:



Toward a New Approach to Ibn al-Farid's Sufi Poetry, by Dr. Giuseppe Scattolin, Prof. of Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Pontifical Institute for Arabic and Islamic Studies, January 13th 2004.


Cairo: 1001 Years of Islamic Art and Architecture, video series in four parts, text by Caroline Williams, produced and narrated by Gray Henry, January 20th 2004.


 Spiritual Dimensions in the Work of Hasan Fathy by Dr. Abdallah Schleifer, academic liaison officer of the Thesaurus Islamicus Foundation, March 30th 2004.